Pilates is a system of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates that work to correct any imbalances with your muscles so they can be structured on the skeleton the way they are meant to be.

 It is the perfect combination of strength, stretch and control. The release of tension combined with strength building creates efficient movement within the body increasing range of motion, decreasing pain.
No, it is not.

Yoga is a holistic discipline originating from ancient India.
Pilates is a specific rehabilitation & physical strengthening system devised by a German anatomist in the early 20th century,

Both are celebrated for their numerous health benefits, from offering connection to the body and stress relief, to developing flexibility, strength, control and endurance.

Pilates uses a wide variety of accessories and machines, often referred to as an "Apparatus". The original machines were poles and springs attached to hospital beds to help injured soldiers. The machines have come a long way since then.

The Pilates system uses very specific targeted exercises to improve strength, flexibility and posture with particular focus on the core. It is a disciplined practice that needs to be done on a regular basis to provide benefit”.
There tends to be fewer wild variations of Pilates teachings, with traditionalists favouring mat classes and those seeking more fitness-focused workouts opting for classes on resistance-based reformer machines. 
Great Question!

No experience is necessary.

* PLEASE NOTE that prior to joining any of our semi-private or group classes, you are required to complete the "introductory private package" or a 5 week Foundation series.

In these private sessions, we teach the principles and fundamentals of the Pilates system. The instructor will go over proper posture, breathing, fundamental points of pilates, key words and more.

 This will not only give you a deeper understanding of what we are asking for once you are in a group setting, It also gives the instructor a chance to focus on what your body needs, teaching you of any imbalances or patterns that are not feeding your body well and may be contributing to causing pain.
The benefits are many:

  1. POSTURE - Improved alignment and posture.
  2. BREATHING - Increased lung capacity through lateral breathing
  3. CORE - Better awareness and use of your core muscles
  4. BALANCE -  Improve your balance and gait with an effective increase in muscle strengthening and through specific balance training
  5. FLEXIBILITY - A Pilates workout is about strengthening and stretching. The perfect way to ease tight muscles and create a more limber and subtle body.
  6. O2 - Oxygenation of cells leads to repair of tissues and better health
  7. SELF CONFIDENCE - We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise without giving enough credit to the mental benefits of moving our bodies regularly. Pilates is an incredible form of exercise that boosts self-confidence while safely strengthening and lengthening your entire body.

 The short answer is Yes. 

As long as you are not in acute pain, and you have permission from your MD to start Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. Many doctors and chiropractors recommend Pilates as a rehabilitative tool. We work with you at a pace that is suitable to help strengthen muscles around the problem area.

Great Question !  

 A highly qualified, certified instructor goes through hundreds of hours of intense lectures, practical work, practice classes, teaching and observing in order to be certified. The Certification process can cost Thousands upon thousands of dollars. The drop out rate is also very high.

 Our certified instructors are movement specialists rather than a class motivator that pushes you to sweat to a beat.  We are of course not against other forms of exercise and Cardio. They all have their place and can compliment your Pilates workouts. 

 However, you just will not get the same attention to detail in a regular gym class.


Your Pilates instructor will guide you in understanding how your body works and give detailed instructions to make the most out of every move. A deeper level of training will help you make changes within the body. 

 A good way to approach it is to think of the costs that you may incur from regular physio, chiro or massage treatments. While these certainly have their place and benefits, if your body is balanced correctly through proper instruction and movement, you will decrease and possibly stop the need for regular visits to them.

 While it is not at first, commitment to the method will become a cardio workout. 

Initially the workout is slow moving because everything is being explained to you. Also, the instructor will initially focus on proper movement until you are comfortable enough to pick up the pace.
 Eventually, once you learn the workout and you're going through the motions, it becomes aerobic.

 It does take time to master the beginner work and to completely understand how you should be working within the body before you get to the pace where you achieve a cardio workout.

 But once you get there, Wow... Does it ever feel great !

 We ask clients to bring a water bottle and to wear comfortable, workout wear. Nothing that is too baggy or bulky is good (no jeans). 

 We have a change room if you prefer to change at the studio so please do not feel pressured to come in your workout attire.

 We also ask clients to wear socks in class for hygienic reasons. We sell ToeSox in the studio. These socks have grips on the bottom to keep you from feeling unstable during your workout. 


 But seriously, we have some amazing students who can't make it through a day without doing pilates. We also have seen amazing results with just 2 classes a week.

Pilates is safe enough to do every day. Initially you may want to start slow and work your way into a regular schedule. 

 Once you become consistent; then a good goal is to do it 3 times a week for the best results. As Joseph Pilates used to say,  to do it at least three times a week.