Meghann McKinnon
NPCT Certified Pilates Instructor

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” -Joseph Pilates

For me, Pilates is an exploration of movement with intention and breath that improves both health and mindfulness.  

I did my Pilates teacher training with along with Jenelle at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio in Ocean Park in 2017. I have loved learning more about my own movement as well as how to lead another person through the Pilates repertoire. I am a very positive, energetic, and enthusiastic person and I love to see people leave my classes feeling good in both their body and mind.

I started dancing at the age of three and for over 20 years have trained and preformed intensively in many styles of dance including: classical ballet, modern, and contemporary.  

 Part of my professional training, starting at the age of 12, included classes in anatomy and Pilates so becoming a Pilates Instructor was a very natural progression of my love of movement, flexibility, and strength. 

 Being a Pilates Instructor, and working either one on one or in a class environment, provides me with an opportunity to help clients improve their physical movement patterns and core strength to make them feel great in their everyday life.

I’m currently pursuing my degree in Kinesiology and I look forward to seeing you in class.