Staci Lys Dunn Silva
NPCT Certified Pilates Instructor

Bilingual - Fluent in English & Portuguese. PILATES is what I consider “Intelligent” exercise. Whether it be for athletic purposes, post-rehabilitation, fixing muscle imbalances, or getting rid of aches and pains, Pilates does it all.

 Pilates is a journey into your own body. It’s about finding connections with not only the long lean muscles, but allows for improved STABILITY, MOBILITY and ease of movement.

 My goal as a certified instructor is to help you find those connections within your own body. There are these special ‘A-ha’ moments that are very satisfying not only for YOU, a FLOW PILATES student, but for the instructors as well. 

 Pilates helped me with; Understanding my body better, My aches and pains, Improved balance and agility,Strength and Stamina. We’ve heard it all and it NEVER gets old. It’s why we Love to teach Pilates and we can’t wait to help You find that connection.

I was Born and raised in Vancouver B.C. But have traveled and lived all over the globe. I lived in Brazil for 17 years, where I was certified in fitness & nutrition.  I worked with artists and dancers as a performer and leading physical conditioning classes.

 I put my all into my classes, and believe in striving for excellence in whatever I do. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with you and help you find those connections. 


- Currently pursuing Bachelors of Kinesiology -  California Baptist University

- Completed Clinical Pilates program by Calibrate Pilates

- Certified Integrated Movement Specialist by Balanced Body

- Barre with a Pilates Focus from Barre Above

- TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to  build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.)

- Anatomy in 3D by Balanced Body

- Active Aging Certificate from Canfitpro

I am passionate about health, wellness, Pilates, and the study of movement and posture.

I'm a comprehensively globally certified Pilates instructor through the National Pilates Certification Program and Fitness Instructor Specialist by Canfitpro.